To whom it may concern

Reykjavík City Library is proud to be a partner in the project Dance for Apartment, organized by Paloma Madrid and Alexander Roberts. The library‘s role in the project, scheduled to take place in Reykjavík in 2013, will be to organize and administer the booking and “lending“ process of the performances, as well as promoting the project at the libraries, on the library website, the Reykjavík City website, in newsletters and mailing lists, as well as in the Icelandic media.

Reykjavík City Library is the largest public library in Iceland, with a main library, five branches, a bookmobile and a story van. The library is well utilized and book loans are high, with around 700.000 thousand visits pr. year and book loans totalling around a million, in a city of 118.000 people. The library is a cultural meeting place, and is well known for its cultural programs for people of all ages.

We are looking forward to working with the organizers of Dance for Apartments on this ambitious program.

On behalf of Reykjavík City Library,

Guðríður Sigurbjörnsdóttir –


Photo: original pic Saga Berlin 2012 (this is not the original).

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