Doula, or partera in Spanish is a person who helps and supports someone during pregnancy, childbirth and after giving birth. As a dance practice, is this movement vocabulary a way to share the experience closely and provide strong appropriate guidance.

Welcome to my practice where we find and regain the rhythm.

Being in the “rhythm” means matching or mirroring your rhythm, with words, movements and touch.

If you are interested in a doula that has knowledge of the body, rhythm, movement and organising life before and after getting birth, do not hesitate in contact me

Speaks Swedish, Spanish and English Doula

Literature and performance reference: The birth partner, Penny Simkin with Katie Rohs

Att föda, en barnmorskas tankar, råd erfarenheter, Gudrun Abascal

Ginecología natural, Pabla Peréz San Martín

The eight eyed wheel-long duration performance, uses the body as raw material to articulate what can´t be said in words. During the work of 37 days of endurance, the vocabulary of movement is performed in direct proximity to the viewer, close up, as to immerse them in the work, confronted by the energy of a doula practice for optimising production of the oxytocin hormone. Exhibited ath the gallery of Haninge, Haninge konsthall, February until march 2022, Choreography Paloma Madrid

Mother of two, one born in hospital and the other at home. 2006 and 2011

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