Cuantos cuerpos se necesitan para hacer (r)evoluciòn? / How many bodies are required to start a revolution?

The everyday subtly and unknown moments of the personal life, turns into units of poetic images and psychological suggestions. Purifying the kinetic energy of physical movements, explore discrete and non-discrete body sculptures in action.


I dance. I just want to dance. I always did and stil want to dance. Yes, this post pregnant body wants to dance. Come on baby, let the music play. -Bambam Frost

Old and new expressions swirl through my body, in a constant search for rebirth…

-Niki Tsappos

Òyeme con los ojos. -Paloma Madrid.


Like waves moving from one border to another, like an unwritten thought needing to be translated

before expressed.

Between and all around, nowhere.


Dance me home.

-Sofia Castro

My body dances to confirm my worldly existence, to my soul. -Talia Gallegos Fadda

Choreography Paloma Madrid

Dancers/performers Bambam Frost, Niki Tsappos, Paloma Madrid, Sofia Castro, Talia Gallegos Fadda

Light design Lina Färje

Costume Farah Mirza, Paloma Madrid

Photo Valentina Chamorro

Artistic support Karina Sarkissova

Part of the New Performative Practices – MA Presentation Weeks 2015, DOCH, Uniarts, Stockholm, Sweden.

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